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essilor lenses and treatments

Essilor Lenses and Treatments

With new technological advances, the quality of lenses can be greatly improved and customized to our lifestyle and daily habits. Not all lenses are the same and choosing the right lenses is essential and should be the first priority when considering new eyewear.
At Interoptics, in order to guarantee the best care and protection of our patients’ eyesight, we have the highest quality ophthalmic lenses and with our personalized advice we assure you the option that best meets your needs.




They are those that have a single graduation on their entire surface. These lenses allow us to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. They can be standard lenses or customized to achieve different effects, such as contrast enhancement or reduced eyestrain. They are also used by people with presbyopia who do not require distance compensation.



They are corrected for near and distance vision, but not for intermediate vision. They move from one field of vision to another abruptly, with a “cut” or a “jump” in the transition. Bifocal lenses were a good solution for people with presbyopia until progressive lenses appeared. Today it is a product in decline, although depending on the case, it may be the best solution.



It is used to correct presbyopia and other refractive errors of the eyes. The lens is divided into zones with different diopter levels, progressively without an abrupt jump between them. They go from near vision to distance vision and passing through an intermediate field of vision in a gradual manner.
Today, progressive lenses offer a very natural and comfortable vision for the wearer and, consequently, have become the best visual solution for presbyopes. There is a great variety of progressive lenses, each user is different and at Interoptics we know very well the needs of each patient to ensure a correct adaptation.




This treatment eliminates the effects of glare generated in the lenses. In addition to fulfilling an aesthetic function, protection against reflections allows us to have a sharper and more comfortable vision, allowing our eyes to rest longer. There is a wide range of anti-reflective treatments and, due to the new needs that arise from the constant stress to which our eyes are subjected nowadays, they are increasingly in demand.



With this treatment, our lenses are tinted with color when exposed to the sun and become totally clear and transparent when they are no longer in the sun (indoors or at night). In addition, depending on the amount of UV rays, they will be tinted more or less, thus providing perfect protection and quality of vision even on cloudy days. Photochromic glasses are ideal for users who do not want to be constantly changing glasses every time they are exposed to the sun.



This treatment, in addition to protecting us from UV rays, eliminates the high reflections that reach us from the sun, providing a high quality of vision and colors. Polarized sunglasses have become very fashionable in recent times. While in the past they were used only for certain sports, today they are commonly used in much more everyday situations such as driving.