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Whenever there is a suspicion of a hearing problem, we should go to a hearing health professional to perform a “Hearing Screening”.

Hearing Screening is a short series of tests that will help us to detect any type of pathology, disorder or hearing loss that may be impairing the patient’s ability to have optimal hearing and quality of life.

These tests will always help us to prevent or solve possible complications that are occurring or may occur in the future. To remedy a hearing loss problem, our hearing health professionals will perform a more comprehensive battery of tests in order to find the appropriate and personalized hearing solution for our patients.


Tests to be performed by means of a complete ear examination:

  • Otoscopy (Examination of the external ear).
  • Tone audiometry air and bone conduction.
  • Threshold of understanding (Speech audiometry).
  • Discomfort threshold (UCL).
  • Real-ear measurements (REM).
  • Measurements in free field.
  • Measurement of feedback.
  • Personalized diagnosis.

Your test results are then studied to choose the model that provides the best solution to your hearing problems and is adapted to the special needs of each patient. To ensure a proper fit, you can try the hearing aid for one month without obligation.

* One free comprehensive hearing test per person per year. If no product is purchased and a copy of the report is required, a charge of €35 will be applied.

What is presbycusis and how to treat it?

Presbycusis can be defined as a “normal” hearing impairment. It is a complex and multifactorial pathology because it can be influenced by genetics, age, exposure to noise, ototoxic drugs and/or by a physiological degeneration of the organ of Corti, spiral ganglion, vascular striae, etc.

Presbycusis affects people with considerable loss of communication, isolation and mood changes.

Treatment and prevention


  • Therapeutic measures in presbycusis are aimed at improving the communication of presbycusic patients by means of hearing aids.
  • Presbycusis in some cases is inevitable, but action can be taken to reduce or slow the deterioration.
  • Cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors, such as diabetes mellitus, can affect hearing.

So small that only you will know you’re wearing them

Types of Hearing Aids

audio accessory

Find the right type of hearing aid for you

  • Degree of hearing loss. ITE and BTE custom hearing aids are best for treating severe hearing loss. While smaller custom hearing aid models that fit in the ear canal are favored by those with mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • Lifestyle and interests. Are you an avid hiker, movie buff or food enthusiast? You can choose a model that helps block wind noise, transmits sound directly from a smartphone, or easily adapts to noisy environments.
  • Personal preferences. For some people, comfort is the most important thing. For others, it’s all about convenience. And, of course, there are those who prefer the most discreet hearing aid possible. In any case, there is always a model to suit all needs.

RIE (Receiver-In-Ear)

The most popular, nearly invisible format features a tiny housing that hides behind the ear and plugs into the ear.

Custom hearing aids

Custom hearing aids include some of the smallest models available.

BTE (Behind-The-Ear)

Small, easy to wear all day and economical, BTE matches hair or skin tone for easy concealing.

Reimagines natural sound

Enjoy personalized hearing and hearing care you can trust. You will get a natural sound experience tailored to your individual needs based on your unique hearing profile, with multiple advantages.

Heading Aids


Try the Beltone Imagine™ custom rechargeable hearing aid that looks like a headset.

It features our award-winning hearing technology, which embodies all our passion and expertise, plus professional fitting by a hearing care professional. Enjoy these custom-made audiological headphones.

Comfortable for all-day use

With an expertly crafted fit and a sound that adapts to any situation, you’ll enjoy maximum comfort all day long. In addition, the tailored design adapts to your ear so that you can wear glasses or masks with ease.

audio accessory

Invisible | Rechargeable

waterproof headphones

Connect to life with clearer sound

Enjoy hands-free phone and FaceTime calls for iPhone and iPad* with Beltone Imagine. Simply touch the push button on the hearing instruments to answer calls.

Prepared for day-to-day operations

The earpieces are waterproof and sweat-resistant, with an inner and outer nano-coating for continuous wear, active lifestyles and easy cleaning. Put them in your ears and enjoy your day with confidence.


Experience true hearing freedom

Beltone Direct Line wireless accessories make it easier for you to participate and interact in any listening situation and connect with the world around you. Whether you’re watching TV, following a long-distance conversation or talking on the phone, we have a wireless accessory that can help you hear better.

Beltone myPAL
Micro and Pro

Beltone TV Link 2

Beltone Remote
Control 2

Beltone Mini Remote

Beltone Phone
Link 2

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